World Expo 2020: Dubai

Client: World Expo 2020: Dubai

Project: World Expo 2020: Dubai

Collaborators: Foster's + Partners, Land Design Studio, Fraser Randall Productions, Expo 2020

TGAC has been working alongside the Expo teams, Foster's + Partners and Land Design Studio to develop the Content masterplan for the Mobility Pavilion at the World Expo 2020: Dubai - one of the trio of key theme pavilions alongside Sustainability and Opportunity.


Throughout this project TGAC has been meeting and workshopping with a spectrum of leading edge thinkers, makers and doers in the advancing landscapes of future living, urban development and global socio-technological change.


Dubai is an exciting place positioning itself at the forefront in adressing the challenges and opportunities that these changes are bringing about. With a ‘pushing the boundaries’ mentality coded into the DNA, Dubai may just be the perfect location for a World Expo looking to set the standard of future development and deliver a truly visionary experience.  


Expo 2020 has the potential to demonstrate new ways of living in and moving through the world, to showcase how technology and the increasingly physical-digital relationship we have with the world around us can be maximised for a universally improved quality of life, as well as, global environmental protection.


Acclaim for World Expo 2020: Dubai