Dinosaurs, NHM

Client: Natural History Museum, London.

Project: Dinosaur Gallery.

Collaborators: Imagination (Design), Ron Heron (Architect), NHM Team.

This was our very first museum project, developed with lead architect Ron Heron and the design agency Imagination. It remains a landmark in the history of museum design.


Our interpretation started with a simple question: “Are dinosaurs like creatures living today?”


The best minds and latest research came together to tell this story with technology and animatronics,alongside clear writing and commissioned graphics. What was put before the public, including the first Iguanadon fossil ever found, changed the narrative about dinosaurs told in modern museums.


This benchmark in museum interpretation is still the NHM’s star attraction and has been visited by over 70 million people.Tim Gardom also wrote ‘Natural History Museum: Book of Dinosaurs’, now published in over 20 languages.


Acclaim for Dinosaurs, NHM