National Charter Monument

Client: Kingdom of Bahrain government

Project: National Charter Monument

Collaborators: Ralph Appelbaum Associates (Design), Fraser Randall (Project Management),Newangle Productions Ltd. (Interacive), Home Run Demark (Film)

The National Charter Monument was commissioned by HM King Hamad al-Khalifa as a gift to the people of Bahrain and to honour the National Charter.


This building explores national history and identity in a series of vivid, dramatic visitor experiences.


TGAC provided the full research, content development and scripting for this project, working directly with the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister.


We commissioned new research from experts at the University of Oxford and the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS) in London. We collaborated with Bahrain's environmental groups, schools and universities, industrial and commercial sectors.


The museum uses a range of digital communication and houses 57 interactives (40 touch screen based), 65 video monitors, 58 projectors, and audio throughout.


The result is a powerful statement of Bahraini national pride and a unique statement in the region about this historic nation.

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