Tower Stories

September 15, 2015   tags: tag-1, tag-4

TGAC is working with the Royal Armouries and Historic Royal Palaces on a complete redesign of the Hands On History gallery at the top of the White Tower.


The visitor demographic is challenging here with over 50% of visitors having English as a second language and over two thirds not familiar with European history. There’s also the interesting idea of catering for a generation who constantly record and ‘curate’ their own experience on smartphones and tablets.


We’re having a great time with curators and subject experts finding out the real stories behind knights, armour, muskets and sword play. Pete is certainly getting into the mood as shown here.


In the end, it’s going to be the people connection that will make this work for international visitors. The skills and lives of people around the White Tower is a wonderful story stretching over 1000 years. More to follow...