The Future of Print is Now

May 26, 2016   tags: Bluesky

From our Old Street studio space, TGAC, Hotrod Creations and City-Insights have been putting our heads together to look at a fascinating development.

We have long felt that a book can be so much more than a set of printed pages. We have the technology to enhance, augment and dramatically extend what 'a book' is capable of doing, delivering and essentially being.

Books should be gateways, and the key is digital.

We don't want to replace books. We like books. We just feel that, maybe, they are underselling themselves, what with the opportunities available in the 21st century.

In response to this we have developed an image recognition system (alongside our existing triggers with NFC, QR and URLs) which creates a seamless interaction between what has been printed and published and the incredible engagement and interpretation capabilities of curated digital content; interviews with authors and experts, footage of what is being read about, video demonstrations, maps to explore, quizzes and questionnaires, fan art, alternate endings, plot summaries and much much more...all delivered to the reader for free via companion technology - smartphones and tablets.

We are looking at how this Print 2.0 approach can be used to enhance every type of printed media, from cookery books to schools books, historical reference to concert posters...

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