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November 15, 2017   tags: Collaboration

Transplant and Life

Creative consultation, digital consultation and platform delivery, exhibition design (advisory)

RCS Hunterian Museum (Client), Tim Wainwright (Artist), John Wynne (Sound Artist), City-Insights (Digital), Hotrod Creations (2D Design), Arts Council England Funded


This year we were delighted to work alongside photographer and film maker, Tim Wainwright, and sound artist John Wynne, on the display and digital accompaniments to, Transplant and Life: The final exhibition at the RCS Hunterian Museum, exploring the transplant patient experience.


Through collaborative development, we helped Tim create a digital catalogue, in-gallery interactivity and a complete digital exhibition, www.transplantandlife.uk.


During the display period this received on average 7,500 views pcm. Since the museum closed, in May 2017, this still receives around 1,500 views pcm.


This digital extension has enabled Transplant and Life to continually take on new forms. As a digital exhibition it is available to anyone at any time and is being used as a teaching resource at the University of New South Wales, Australia; in a series called The Patient; at Birkbeck University, London; and at Harvard Medical School, Boston.