Creative Courage for Life

February 17, 2017   tags: Collaboration

Stagecoach Performing Arts School – Annual Conference

Conference Scripting & Planning, Identity Transformation, Rebranding, Communications Narrative Strategy


Stagecoach is a well regarded international institution in the performing arts .Stagecoach came to TGAC in search of structure and clarity for their annual stakeholder’s conference.  This year Stagecoach  is developing  a program to communicate its new brand their creative identity and reconnect with their core mission and members


Stagecoach has 600 schools boast such famous alumni as Emma Watson (Harry Potter) and Jamie Bell (Billy Elliot), but around the world with more than 40,000 students across 12 countries.  Over the years hundreds of thousands of children and young adults have found their feet and explored their passions through the classes and workshops that they offer.


TGAC is proud to have helped script and plan the organisations key yearly event, working closely with Stagecoach and their members to express their passion and commitment to their stakeholders and to communicate the current and changing state of affairs to the franchisees and patrons. This includes presenting  a transformation of Stagecoach's identity and renewal of its mission for the 21st century.


As we investigated the what Stagecoach meant to students and their families , they loved the school because of the amazing way it helps young individuals develop their confidence and life skills.


A strategy was developed that would audition from within the school for talent to become the new face of Stagecoach, and result was a national advertising campaign staring children from the stagecoach network and promoting the new message ‘Creative Courage for Life’.


TGAC incorporated this into a new strategy for the conference, incorporating the message of creative confidence into a series of news-style reports that would illustrate the presentations on the key issues facing Stagecoach.