Community: Through the Eyes of History

February 20, 2017   tags: Masterplan

Know Your Place: West of England

2D, 3D & Digital Integration -  Digital Authoring - Skills Share – Digital Mapping - Innovative Archive Practices


What does the place in which you live mean to you? Have you ever wondered about the stories and the people that shaped your community and made it the place you see today? This exciting digital mapping project brings together centuries of social history and long hidden historical archives to tell the stories of communities across the West of England, and engage people in the past that crafted their present.


The Know Your Place project has brought the heritage of communities in the West of England into the 21st century . TGAC, Hotrod and City-Insights, working with 25 historical archives across the region and extensive public collaboration, created a series of multi-dimensional and multi-platform experiences designed to engage the public in the story of their environment. Taking historical documents and maps, photographs and stories we devised 4 travelling exhibitions, built around the City Insights digital platform, which will visit 16 diverse locations before reuniting to create a permanent collection for residents and visitors in the West Country.


For the first time, these unpublished treasures from multiple historical archives have been combined with the stories of the people to create beautiful installations for the public to explore. These unique experiences, which will be popping-up in unexpected locations throughout the region, combine conventional media with 3D design as well as online and digital interactives. This is a new and exciting approach to presenting heritage and social history, opening up this material to a far wider and more diverse audience, while its online elements become a permanent digital archive.


We have taken what began life as simply a project to digitally archive the fascinating historical assets of these organisations and, through public collaborations and creative presentation, built an experience that does justice to the amazing stories that they tell.


This is a project that strives to connect people with their history and help them to identify with their community. It gives residents and visitors alike the chance to explore the history of these towns, see what the street looked like over a century ago and find the origins of local culture and custom, something that has become increasingly hard to achieve in the modern world.