Blending and Flipping Learning Environments

May 26, 2016   tags: Education

TGAC is working with sister companies City-Insights and Hotrod Creations looking at the touchpoints of education, technology and society.

In 2016 we are talking with a number of schools in Oxfordshire, London and the North about the educational capabilities, potential and ambitions we have using our extensive experience in teaching, narrative design and environments, communication, digital literacy and interpretation.

We have run projects from the very practical through to the highly conceptual with a core focus on how people interact with and experience information in relation to places, things and people. We also created an incredibly flexible and easy to use digital tool that we call RIPLE. We designed it so that anyone can get involved, regardless of their age or level of technical expertise.

We are finding ways to make it easy for students, teachers, parents and the wider community to create, run projects and stay connected whilst honing seriously useful, interdisciplinary, ‘real-world’ skills.

We want to work with schools to create the next stage truly blended and immersive learning environments where people can develop a more relational and interdisciplinary approach to the subject matter by creating, producing and sharing the digital learning tools…where they aren't just receivers of information but authors, critics and sharers of it too.

As a curriculum enhancement tool, RIPLE delivers deep, curated content on any subject at the same time as developing valuable skills for the digital age. As a communications tool, it offers a completely new way for the school and students to speak to each other and to the outside world - through dynamic mobile\digital interactions.

We want to put this software and the decades of skills we have behind it into the classroom and the hands of eager young minds and forward thinking educators;

Algebra, covalent bonds, poetry, sculpture or sports…

If you had the power to create and pin any information, asset, resource or media to any ‘thing’, place, page or person…what would you do?