Expo 2015 Milan: Out of the box

June 02, 2015   tags: Masterplan

We worked for around two years on the UAE Pavilion at Expo 2015. Expos are strange beasts. One the one hand a serious mission and theme (Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life) and on the other, millions of visitors looking for a mixture of entertainment, learning and a great day out.


The UAE Pavilion features a number of big media set pieces – always fun to work on – but I think the most successful communication pieces are the transforming media boxes that visitors encounter as they walk in. These use the venerable technique of Pepper’s Ghost to overlay thought provoking messages over simple objects (a tap, a seed, a globe etc). 


You can never be sure just how people are going to respond to a new interpretive approach until you see them engaging with it. These pictures show that we sure hit the spot with the media boxes.