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February 17, 2017   tags: Collaboration

RCS Hunterian – Transplant and Life

Science, Technology & Arts Collaboration, 3D space and Digital Projects


Have you ever wondered what it is like to go through the transplantation process? To wake up with someone else’s organ keeping you alive? This new installation at the RCS Hunterian Museum explores the experiences of patients and specialist through a digital and artistic experience against the backdrop of this unique and historic collection.


TGAC and C-I  have been collaborating with photographic artist and film maker Tim J. Wainwright and sound artist John Wynne to create an immersive experience in the RCS Hunterian museum of medical science. This projects explores combining 3D physical space with digital experiences, an approach that Art, Cultural and Community projects are currently pioneering.


Approaching the delicate and seldom discussed topic of organ transplantation from a human perspective is not something that has been done before in this context or in this way. The goal of humanising the transplantation process, of immersing the visitor in an experience that transmits the emotions and experiences of all who find themselves involved in this complex and difficult journey, is a great challenge. Tim Wainwright 's moving films are the product of years of relationship building, witnessing and travelling alongside individuals and their families.


These installations combine artistic interpretation, true experiences, immersive visuals and soundscapes all set against the physical collections of the Royal College of Surgeons museum. It has created something both powerful and unique.


Moving around the spaces in the museum visitors encounter the patient and specialist experience through a range of thought-provoking, mutually strengthening interactions; as witness, as expert, as participant, as fellow human; and hear about it in their own words.


This approach to the visitor experience is enhanced by the addition of a flexible digital platform, a visitor companion that acts as a secondary space to explore the amazing stories of transplantation and the current and future science that is shaping the medical world.


This is a revolutionary gallery installation is taking a fresh, multi-dimensional approach to relationships between physical and digital space as a platform for storytelling and narrative design.