A slight Shift to the Front

November 15, 2017   tags: Bluesky

TGA Consult

Creative Consultancy, Creative Direction, Project Definition, Workshop Facilitation, Design Coordination



In 2018, TGAC will be undergoing a bit of a transformation.


For over twenty years, we have been developing our versatile and robust methodology for delivering creative projects around the world. Vital to this is building a shared project vision, liberating creativity, understanding what information needs to be communicated, and creating signposts and milestones along the way.


What we’ve learned is that while creative ideas are abundant, recognising them and sustaining that creativity throughout a project can be a serious challenge. The first stages are crucial.


Though our Creative Consultancy, TGA Consult, we’ll be coming on board with projects at earlier stages and making this methodology accessibe in a range of ways. We'll be helping clients and collaborators turn their ideas and ambitions into definable, deliverable projects.


You can check out some of our working on our Vimeo channel


Watch this space…